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Canada Day Celebrations – I

  I remember Canada’s 100th birthday, July 1, 1967. I celebrated at Expo67 in Montreal, part of a crowd of, if I remember correctly, 471,000 people who gathered to celebrate the centennial. So when they predicted 450,000-500,000 people converging in Ottawa for Canada Day 2017 I wasn’t deterred by the thought of a crowd that […]

Canada Day 2017

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday today. I can’t decide whether I should head downtown to Parliament Hill for the festivities and fireworks. I haven’t made the trek for at least 15 years, but had decided that this year I should. The fireworks show will be extra-spectacular given the year, and Bono and The Edge (from […]

A Beautiful Day In Ottawa?

As I was sitting in the upper level of Toronto’s Rogers Centre on Friday, listening to U2, Bono, the band’s vocalist, started talking about Canada. He seems to hold a high view of us as a country. That may be because he hasn’t spent all that much time here, hasn’t had time to get a […]

Happy Canada Day!

Canadians celebrate their country today, which has me thinking about patriotism. We think we have the best country in the world, but citizens of other countries might disagree. I won’t list all the good things that make Canada a great place to live. I have traveled to about 15 countries (which makes me, I think, […]