A Beautiful Day In Ottawa?

As I was sitting in the upper level of Toronto’s Rogers Centre on Friday, listening to U2, Bono, the band’s vocalist, started talking about Canada. He seems to hold a high view of us as a country.

That may be because he hasn’t spent all that much time here, hasn’t had time to get a good look at our warts. Nobody here is going to tell him about the areas we need to improve, that’s an internal discussion – it is nice to have someone think you are better than you are.

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday the band played our national anthem, “O Canada,” then Bono announced that he and The Edge (U2”s guitarist if you didn’t know that) would be on Parliament Hill for the Canada Day celebrations this Saturday and would be singing a song for those gathered there.

One song.

I had been considering going to go to the Hill for the fireworks in the evening. Do I want to go early? Bono and The Edge will be on at about noon. U2 have a concert in Cleveland Saturday night. One song is probably all they can squeeze in given the time constraints. But what song?

The band have been playing for forty years and a dozen albums, more or less. How do you choose one song? No matter which one they go with, thousands of fans are going to be disappointed because it isn’t the one they wanted.

I’m going to make a prediction.

As I write this the weather forecast for Saturday calls for a mix of sun and cloud with a 40% chance of showers. I expect that no matter the weather, Bono and Edge will play “Beautiful Day.”  I’m going to furthermore predict that they will amend the lyrics to give them a Canadian focus.

I imagine it will be broadcast, and You Tubed. We’ll find out Saturday if I am right.


  1. Brad Darbyson · · Reply

    “He seems to hold a high view of us as a country.” Bono has been hitting up Canada for aid for 20 years – flattering the country compels leader compliance.

  2. CA Jenkins · · Reply

    Time for a poll? I know you don’t care for it, but my prediction is One. What would I like to hear? ’40’ of course. Will watch safely from home.

    1. CA Jenkins · · Reply

      I guessed right–it was ‘One’! See July 3 post. I picked it out of U2’s extensive repertoire. Bono spoke passable French as well.

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