Musical Dreams

IMG_6016 - shrunk

It’s tough not being able to travel when you want to. And that loss of freedom is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many travel-oriented businesses which will not survive this involuntary shutdown.

That might be a topic for another day, maybe once planes start flying again. (I expect those flights to be more expensive because airlines will carry fewer passengers. Which will lead to even fewer travelers as only the rich will be able to afford a flight. Or maybe I’m completely wrong.)IMG_5988 - shrunk

Today I thought we’d continue our ramble through the seven floors of musical instruments at the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, Belgium. Going through them this week has brought back some fond memories of that 2014 visit.

So many of the instruments I wanted to try, but this is not a hands-on museum. It would drive a kid nuts.

I can only imagine how some of these things would sound. Others, I can’t figure out how you are supposed to play them. Fifty strings on a guitar-like instrument?IMG_5989- shrunk

Maybe at some point in the future the museum will add short videos with each instrument, so that you can get a better feel for them. Or maybe they have that already in an audio guide and I was just too cheap to get one.

Either way, I’m still curious. And an audio guide would be nowhere near as much fun as trying the instruments myself.

That isn’t likely to ever be allowed.




  1. Maybe you can pay to have the museum all to yourself for a weekend with a guide and they will let you try the instruments. 😉

    1. I wonder how much that would cost. They’re closed for COVID at the moment, so they need the revenue.

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