Instruments Everywhere

IMG_6083 - shrunk

Do you ever make plans and then forget to follow through? Of course not, only I would do that, right?

When I went to post Tuesday’s flashback post from Brussels’ Musical Instruments Museum I thought I would choose photos from several different posts rather than just the ones from the 2014 original. But there weren’t different posts.IMG_6054 - shrunk

I remember taking hundreds of pictures as I roamed the building. But I didn’t use them here. I can only think that I had so many stories to share from that 2014 trip to Europe that I didn’t want to spend too long on any one topic. Mentally I said I would return and share more from the museum. But I forgot.

There was the original post, then one in December 2014 showing some of the keyboards on display that I used to illustrate a post about childhood piano lessons. And that was it.

So many instruments, all behind glass or other barriers so visitors can’t try them out. That makes sense – if the place was interactive no-one could stand the noise of visitors trying to see what sounds they could coax out of an antique tuba or a 50-string guitar. It would probably drive staff members nuts – no-one would want to work there.IMG_6052 - shrunk

Understanding the reason for the “hands-off” policy doesn’t mean I have to like it. And I did get to take lots of pictures, some of which I am sharing with you today.

If you are a musician, this museum is a “must see” if you are in Brussels. I think it has a wider appeal though than those who play instruments.

Music is a big part of all of our lives. Seeing the tools musicians use and learning a bit about their history can be a fascinating way to spend a day.



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