The Donkey’s Tale

From the distance I thought it was sculpture. Maybe some tribute to Shakespeare and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Up close that was obviously not the case.IMG_0809

There’s a speaker system, but what was it used for. Not speaking German I was a little puzzled at a donkey’s head on top of a column on a Badenweiler shopping street. It is a spa town, Roman baths, no mention of donkeys in any of the  literature I’ve seen.

My wife, who speaks a million times more German than I do, tells me that it appears to be something to do calling a taxi. I guess there’s a particular company that uses a donkey totem, and this would be a direct line to them.IMG_0808

I realize now I could have just pressed the button and seen what would happen, but I am not that adventurous.

This post was scheduled to run a few days ago, but I bumped it for my tribute to Tom Petty. Last night at dinner I heard the story of the donkey’s head.

There are three of them in Badenweiler. It is indeed a local taxi service, set up by the town, using golf carts. it is a spa town, built on the side of a small mountain, very hilly to put it mildly. Some residents (and tourists) find the hills difficult to navigate. So this service has been offered, a pilot project. The donkey’s head I photographed is across the street from a church. There’s another beside the  grocery store. The idea is that it is cheaper and quicker than a regular taxi.

I just wonder how it will feel in winter. Though I guess winters in southern Germany aren’t as cold as the minus thirty we get in Ottawa. 


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