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Open Border For Refugees?

Amnesty International is calling for Canada to re-open its border with the US – for refugees only. Do you see a problem with that? Your first thought might be that they are calling for Canada to take in Americans fleeing their country at the thought of four more years of Donald Trump. But that isn’t […]

Let There Be Laughter

  It’s Saturday. For most of us the workweek is over. It’s a time to relax, go somewhere, do something. Except…. Where I am, and probably where you are too, there isn’t much attraction in going places. Yes, I could now take the train to Freiburg and shop, something I haven’t been able to do […]

Democracy In Action – Your Turn

Today is an important day for Canadian democracy, though my guess is most people in Canada are unaware of it. Not surprising given the usual level of political awareness and engagement. In a presidential system the leader of the country is elected directly by the people. In the Westminster parliamentary tradition the Prime Minister is […]

Virtually Marching For Life

Canada’s federal politicians are ecstatic Parliament is not meeting in Ottawa today. The second Thursday of May is the day they most dread. In ordinary times the annual March For Life would wind through Ottawa’s streets to Parliament Hill this afternoon. There would be at least 20,000 people calling politicians to account on Canada’s lack […]

Dreaming of Summer

How are your vacation plans coming along? Everything up in the air thanks to COVID-19? Mine are. I wrote a rant for today, making light of some serious issues. My vacation probably won’t happen as planned this summer. The State of Maine is discouraging visitors by requiring them to quarantine for two weeks (and I […]

Silly Season

The tulips are in bloom in Ottawa – and the government wants people to view them online, not in person. Understandable I guess. Everyone knows you can catch COVID-19 from flowers. You can’t of course, at least as far as anyone knows. Officials with the National Capital Commission (NCC) are more concerned with large crowds […]

Monday Commentary

  Today seemed like a good day to share some Monday images I found online. I’d say it was because I was too lazy to finish any of my dozens of almost ready posts, but that wouldn’t be true. It took me longer to find these jokes than it would have to write something. Chalk […]