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Who Is In Charge?

I always thought Canada was a democracy and Parliament, the maker of laws, was supreme. Apparently the governing Liberal Party and the Prime Minister don’t think so. They are suing the Speaker of the House of Commons, an MP from their own party, over the release of doocuments that Parliament has asked for and the […]

The Dream Is Alive

It was so long ago that there were no DVDs. The internet was in its infancy; there was no World Wide Web. No streaming. In 1993 the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup. Since then no Canadian team has won the iconic trophy. When my son was very young and just discovering sports we would borrow […]

That Time Again

Today some more COVID images. We will return soon to our regularly scheduled programming. Long before society does.

Time To Smile

In theory the end of this pandemic is in sight. Vaccination rates are up, cases of COVID-19 are down, societies are opening up. Can somebody inform Canada’s Prime Minister? Doesn’t seem that much is changing here, despite now leading the world in the percentage of the population to have received at least one dose of […]

Chicken or Egg?

A judge in Californa has overturned the state’s ban on owning assault weapons. He expecially noted that the AR-15 assault rifle is “a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment.” Wikipedia tells me the AR-15 has been the weapon of choice for many American mass murderers because it is lightweight, accurate and […]

Vaccination Day

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I will confess to being a vaccine skeptic, at least where the various COVID-19 vaccinations are involved. Despite that, I’ll be getting my first shot today. To say I do so against my better judgement is perhaps putting it too strong. I have weighed the options, looked at the information […]

Government Logic

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19 the Government of Canada has introduced measures restricting travel, including a manadatory 14-day home quarantine for those entering the country. The civil rights violations are before the courts, as many feel government has overstepped its authority. I’m supportive of necessary measures to preserve public health during […]

The Fourth Plinth

When I took the picture I didn’t realize the sculpture was only temporary. It was early 2017 and it was my first viist to Trafalgar Square in (I think) 30 years. I didn’t remember having seen the giant thumb before – but it is possible in 1986 I didn’t want to waste film on it. […]

It’s A Secret!

The last thing they want is for the people to know why they made the decision. Because it probably wasn’t “science-based” at all. The government of Canada has been taken to court over its imposition of mandatory hotel quarantine on some travelers to Canada. Those arriving by air have to pay for a three-day hotel […]

Coming Unhinged

Is it my imagination, or are we all a little more on the edge these days? More prone to take offence at slights, to feel anger, when in times past we would have ignored the incident? Is it the pandemic? Or was society drifting that way anyway, and now it is more noticeable? I was […]