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Choosing Donald Trump

There are some mysteries that may never be solved. Where do crop circles come from? Is there really treasure on Oak Island? Are there still riches hidden in secret passageways in the pyramids? And why would American Christians vote en-masse for someone as un-Christian as Donald Trump? Why do they appear poised to do it […]

Hero From Another Time

Been thinking a lot about family recently and its importance to us. Been doing a lot of family things too, sometimes full of joy, other times tinged with sadness. Those I will write about, but there is some internal processing to do first. So today a family story. If you think you may have heard […]

Bus Woes

It’s amazing how much you can forget in a year. But it is coming back to me now: Ottawa’s transit system is designed to give riders ulcers. That many route numbers and routes have been changed is no surprise. Those in charge of OC Transpo don’t want people getting comfortable. They’ve added a new layer […]

Temperature’s Rising

As I get older sometimes the memory isn’t what it used to be. I was doing some computer cleanup yesterday and came across this post. I wrote it a couple of years ago, but don’t remember ever sharing it with you. If I did, let me know and I’ll work on improving my memory so […]

How Often Do You Clean Your Ducks?

It happened again last night. A telephone solicitor trying to get me to have my ducts cleaned. I’m not sure how often it is necessary to have that work done, but there seems to always be someone “working in your neighbourhood” which means “we can offer a very good deal.” Pardon me for being skeptical. […]

50 Years of Peace and Love?

I wasn’t there. I’ve always regretted that. It would have produced some epic memories. In August 1969 the big cultural event was Woodstock., a mammoth music festival happening just a couple hour’s drive from my home in Montreal. I didn’t even ask my parent’s if I could go. I knew the answer was “no.” There […]

Ethics? What Ethics?

I’m confused. Again. And puzzling over the misuse of the English language by a well-known Canadian politician. Canada’s Prime Minister has (again) been found by the Ethics Commissioner to have broken the law. I’m sure that’s not something he wanted to have happen a couple of weeks before the official start of the 2019 federal […]