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Still A Hole

It is still there. I had wondered about that. We were gone for five months after all, I thought maybe there had been some movement. The hole at the edge of Sulzburg was supposed to be the basement of a new apartment building that would provide housing for 20 Syrian refugees who have been living […]

German Fashion

I’m still cleaning up my phone and finding posts I never got around to sharing with you. This one is, I think, a couple of years old. People wear their pride on their chests. But why in Germany is that pride always in English? I hadn’t processed this before, but my brain had somehow absorbed […]

Send In The Clowns

If Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted that, just wait for it. These guys want to run a country? More than 12 hours after results should have been made official, no-one knows who won Tuesday’s Democratic Party Iowa caucuses. The CNN headline described it as “chaos and confusion.” I won’t launch into a list of what went […]

Strange Algorithms

I know that everything I do online is being watched by someone. That is just part of modern life, and I am too lazy to make myself harder to track. After all, I have nothing to hide. Sometimes though I do wonder about the brainpower of those following me around the internet. Their actions don’t […]

What Super Bowl?

I’ve suddenly realized that I’ve missed the hype. I had to look up who was playing in the Super Bowl today. Not that it matters. I’m not likely to stay up for most of the night to watch the American football championship. I don’t care enough about the game, and I suspect most Americans would […]

Brexit Sunshine

Did the sun rise this morning? I guess Brexit wasn’t so catastrophic after all. The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, though the details of the divorce may not be finalized until the end of 2020. Until then I expect there will be a certain sense of uncertainty. My guess […]

Taking Aim At Gun Crime

One of the big differences between Canada and the United States is the attitude towards personal firearms. I don’t know if two nations with so much in common could be farther apart than on this issue. Americans think it is a constitutional right to “bear arms” and woe betide anyone who tries to take away […]