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Canceling Easter

Sometimes you have to fight back. Sometimes you have to say “enough is enough.” The virus that just won’t go away has stymied politicians as they attempt to deal with a public health “crisis” that just doesn’t seem that urgent after a year. We’ve gotten used to COVID-19 and government interference in our lives, both […]

What Village Is That?

Today is Palm Sunday. Seems like a good time for some church pictures. “What village is that” is a fairly common question my wife of I will ask as we walk though our area of Germany. So many little places in the distance, and in four years there are still a few we haven’t explored. […]

A Year Later

One year ago today I shared these words and pictures. So much has happened (and not happened) since then I’m not sure where to begin. In 2020 I was saying life still goes on. Yet, I just realized that the Easter bunny was not in the Sulzburg town square this year – unless they put […]

Never Thought of That

I heard the sounds before I saw the workers. The familiar sounds of a water truck cleaning the street. In Canada, as Spring comes they send out trucks with high pressure spray nozzles to hose down the streets, clearing away a winter’s accumulated grit with a pressure wash. The streets don’t stay clean for long, […]

An Unexpected Crowd

My wife had had enough. Me too. We just had to so somewhere different. Freiburg was the logical choice. I have been avoiding that city since last September, when it was announced that masks mist be worn at all times in the inner city. I don’t like masks, so I just didn’t travel to Freiburg. […]

Is This Crazy?

Canada has a new law on “medical assistance in dying.” It sounds more clinical than what it really is Whether you call it doctor assisted suicide or legalized murder isn’t the point today. What is more at issue is how this new law expands what was already in place. When “maid” was first introduced five […]

Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

The party will be subdued this year, even more than in 2020. No parades, maybe not even any green beer, which has nothing to do with St. Patrick anyway. He may be the patron saint of Ireland, but he wasn’t even Irish. In my corner of Germany Patrick’s presence is felt, though I would guess […]

Remember When?

I took these pictures a year ago today, when everyone was panicking and there was no toilet paper and almost no pasta left in the stores. Those days seem so long ago. We seem to have adjusted to so much over the past twelve months and accepted so many infringements on our freedom. I can’t […]

Politics Then Is Politics Now

A flashback for you today – one of my early posts from September 2014. One of the fun things about a vacation, for me anyway, is traveling to locations that can bring history alive in a new way. That was Dunwich, a village in Suffolk County on England’s North Sea Coast. I had never heard […]

How Would You Vote?

\I don’t even know what they are running for. A strange thing for a political junkie to admit. I mentioned yesterday I haven’t been following the elections being held in my part of Germany, to the point where I am not even sure what office the candidates hope to be elected to. Ignorance, in this […]