The Roller Coaster

From a distance I was sure it was a roller coaster, some futurist and thrilling ride located in London’s Olympic Park. When I got closer I realized the turns would be dangerously sharp.

I thought then it might be a helter skelter, that popular type of British slide. But wouldn’t people fall though the holes in the tubes?

Turns out it is an observation tower, though there is a slide woven into it – the word’s longest tunnel slide, which explains my confusion. Orbit was built for the 2012 Olympic games – no surprise given its location. You can go up it to get a great view of Olympic Park and London itself.

I might have considered it, even if it is pricey, if I had known what it was. Mind you, I was focused n getting to a football game – I probably couldn’t have been distracted. Maybe next time.


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