Living In London

The London Eye peeks over the trees of this downtown park.

I want to live in London. And I think I can convince those already living there to pay me to do that.

Why London? For the history and the culture. I just spent a long weekend in the city and didn’t even scratch the surface. I want more.

I also like the weather, which is why I think I can convince the city to pay for my move and subsequent living expenses. Or maybe someone will start a crowdfunding campaign to cover my expenses.

London is the city where it never rains. Why wouldn’t I want to live there?

Yes, this is the city that Roger McGuinn of The Byrds described as a ‘plain grey town, known for its sound,” a place famous for the amount of rain it gets. But never when I am there.

I fist visited London in 1981. Spent ten days on the city. It didn’t rain. I have been there occasionally in the ensuing years. It doesn’t rain.

I know England’s reputation. I packed both an umbrella and a rain jacket for this trip. Four days at a conference outside London. Four days in the city. Never took them out of my suitcase. It doesn’t rain in London – at least not when I am there.

This does seem strange, I know. I’m writing this back in Ottawa and it is pouring rain. I don’t repel rain everywhere I go, just in the UK capital.

That’s the theory anyway. Only way to find out of it is true is to move there. But a move is expensive, and so is living in London. I would need to be subsidized.

Imagine the boon for tourism though. The local tourist agency could guarantee visitors a rain-free stay. What great marketing for what most people think of as a very rainy place.

Is there anyone in the UK tourist industry with the vision to make this happen? I wonder


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