Standing On Guard

They are iconic, the lions on watch at the base of Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square. Like so many things in the British capital, they are a must-see. I’ve probably been there a dozen times before, but I still make a point of dropping by when I am in the city.

Saturday was filled with sunshine and warm temperatures, which meant lots of tourists taking in the sunshine and the famous monuments. There was no lineup to get into the National Gallery. Probably no-one realized that there was also an exhibition at the Canadian High Commission about Charles III as King of Canada.

There was a demonstration going on in front of the Gallery, several hundred people chanting for freedom for Iranian women. And street evangelists of course, something that seems more culturally acceptable in the UK than in Canada. Selfies galore of course.

Today though, just the lions. As I was snapping one photo a father boosted their child into the lion’s paws. Rather than wait for a clear shot, I decided to keep it. After all, people climb all over the things.


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