The TikTok Results

Just in case you were wondering…in our less than scientific poll on people’s use of the TikTok app on their phones:

Forty-four per cent (44%) of respondents said they would never have TikTok on their phone, but do have other social media apps. I didn’t answer the survey, but that is the category I would fall into.

Thirty-three per cent (33%) have TikTok on their phone but are thinking of deleting it.

Eleven per cent (11%) don’t have any social media apps on their phone and

Eleven percent (11%) say their life is an open book and they have nothing to hide and have no worries about how their data is being used.

There is no doubt that Big Brother is watching us. For the most part the surveillance is benign, or at least unobtrusive. We go through our daily lives without thinking about just how much government and business are tracking our movement and our interests. And it isn’t jsut social media.

Are you a member of any shopping loyalty program? I get a twenty per cent discount at my local pharmacy – which also carries staples like milk, butter and eggs, expensive necessities for which I am grateful for any discount. The trade-off though is that this company now knows some of my shopping habits.

Am I concerned about that? Not enough to forego the discount, but I do think about the data that is being collected and the use they are making of it. Our modern conveniences make us so much easier to track. I would need some convincing to see that as a good thing.

The conspiracy theorists who populate a large portion of the internet are right about the potential for evil from a lot of what governments and corporations do online. It is mostly potential though, Big Brother is still restrained, for the most part.

Or maybe I’ve just been brainwashed.



  1. I drive a 2004 vehicle without a Nav system and I rarely remember to carry my cell phone when I drive the vehicle. ‘Big Brother’ thinks I don’t get out much…

  2. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    I’m reading a Peter James novel. If his research is good, the navigation system in your car tracks your movements, and so does your iPhone. You don’t need TikTok. It’s redundant.

    The police can download navigator & iPhone to check your alibi.

    1. I believe there are ways to disable the car tracking, and you can always take your SIM card out of your phone when you aren’t using it. Actually, pretty much any app can track you – Tim Hortons got in trouble for doing that without permission. It seems to depend on who you want tracking you.

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