The Big Day

We’ll find out at noon EST. But a year later, does anyone care whether the government was justified in invoking the Emergencies Act in face of the Freedom Convoy?

Justice Paul Rouleau held a series of hearings in the fall of 2022, as required by law, as to whether conditions warranted the mass suspension of civil liberties, the freezing of bank accounts and the jailing of protestors. From the testimony it was clear that police and politicians failed completely in understanding the nature of the Freedom Convoy protest and responding to it. Was their failure to enforce the laws justification for imposing the Emergencies Act?

On the face of it the answer would appear to be no. The question will be whether Justice Rouleau decides to accept the Act as written or give his own interpretation of the law.

We’ll find out soon enough. You may already know the answer if you are reading this after the report is published.



  1. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    It’s obvious to everyone except Conservatives that the government was justified in invoking the Emergences Act. The occupying truckers were seriously infringing on the quality of life of downtown residents and refusing to leave. Businesses were unable to operate. The Canadian constitution guarantees us order and good government, and not the precious gun toting liberties of the American constitution. Where had the order gone? With the Emergencies Act, gone were the truckers whose conditions included the resignation of the democratically elected government, to be replaced by a dictatorship of the self-appointed truckers in consultation with the unelected Senate. Obvious to the electorate regardless whatever ruling emerges today.

    1. Except the Emergencies Act wasn’t necessary – police already had the authority to act. But they didn’t. And any Canadian can call for the resignation of the democratically elected government. Trying to overthrow it is a different issue. The truckers weren’t taking up arms, they were just parked and talking – except no government representative ever talked with them. The Ottawa police could have cleared things out after the first weekend, but there was no political will to do so.

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