An Ocean of Ice – I

Ottawa’s tourism people are probably cursing the weather these days. We’re halfway through Winterlude, the annual winter carnival, and the Rideau Canal skateway, around which many of the activities take place, has yet to open for the season. And with temperatures above freezing in the forecast for every day next week, it is unlikely to open at all this winter.

There are lots of other activities, but you can’t skate from one to another the way people usually do. The skating rink has been open for at least part of the winter every year since 1971, but there comes a point where the effort to keep the ice clear isn’t worth it as the weather gets warmer.

One of the events underway is the ice sculpture competition. I showed you some of the sculptures before Winterlude opened – and it turns out they weren’t supposed to be on display. The day after I took the photos they were all under wraps, waiting for the official opening.

Now though they are all on display, though when it is warm and sunny some are covered up to stop melting. I have realized that the competition, pitting sculptors from each province and territory, has a nautical theme. Looks like ships and sea monsters to me.

Today and Sunday I’ll let you be the judge. See if you have a favorite. I haven’t made up my mind yet.


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