The Aftermath

Jordan Peterson has come and gone, and Ottawa is none the worse for the experience.

And Monday, the day he was in the city, the Dilbert comic strip made reference to the attempts by the Ontario College of Psychologists to have Peterson submit to some sort of reeducation program to bring his message into line with their political philosophy.

According to media reports the show was close to sold out. I didn’t like at the way the arena was configured for the lecture, but that would probably be three to five thousand people.

And the coalition of 36 community groups that wanted him banned? Not one person showed up to protest.

Back in the 1970s  I remember being involved in human rights protests, in anti-nuclear weapons protests, in various political protests, all with the understanding that taking public action comes with a cost. You could be beaten, arrested, jailed.

If you believed in the cause you took the risk. We understood that civil disobedience was something not entered into lightly, but you did it if the cause was worth it.

Sometimes protest and taking a stand meant breaking the law for what we perceived to be a higher good. And we were willing to accept the consequences. The lack of peaceful protest, not one person from 36 groups, has me wondering.

Maybe it was too cold Monday night. Maybe the location, poorly served by public transit, was considered inaccessible. Maybe those opposed to Peterson’s visit understood belatedly that he has a right to his opinions, just as much as they do.

Which do you think it was?


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  1. Dr. Frances Widdowson didn’t get a chance to express her opinions at U of Lethbridge.

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