Let It Snow!

I stepped out of my office Monday into a snowy scene. Quite unusual for Ottawa in August.

Mind you, the snow was supposed to be in New York City (I think), and the newspaper headlines at the kiosk indicated I’d missed a few months and it was December already.

Christmas in July is sometimes a retail theme, but August? Definitely not. Probably a movie being filmed. It was.

There was a warning sign that wandering by gave the film company the right to use your image in the production. I’m not too concerned – the special effects costs probably aren’t worth it to them. You don’t see many people in shorts in December in places that get snow. I also don’t think I walked in front of the camera.

I was warned not to take pictures, which amused me. I had taken out my phone to text a colleague. But since the suuggestion was made, I snapped a couple of frames further on up the block. A film company actually can’t stop you from taking photographs on a public thoroughfare, but I didn’t see the need to explain that.

As far as the film goes, I expect it will show up on a streaning service in December, with a couple of dozen other holiday-themed movies. I may even watch it, just to see if I make an appearance. I doubt it will become a classic, but you never know.

The working title is “All I Didn’t Want For Christmas.” I have no idea who the stars are – I was just taking the fastest route home.

With the temperature 30 degrees Celsius, the film crew was trying to creat a scene that was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t envy them their job.


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