Every Little Girl’s Dream

I attended a wedding on Saturday that was held at the Canadian Museum of Nature. I had been there before for wedding receptions, but never for the actual ceremony.

During the service the officiant commented on the location, saying that it was “every little girl’s dream to be married alongside the carcass of a dead whale,” or words to that effect.

I discovered what he ment when we moved to another room for appetizers before dinner. There indeed were the skeletal remains of a 19 metre long young blue whale. Not quite a carcass, and not as long as an adult blue whale, which is about 30 metres. But definitely dominating the room.

If nothing else, it was a conversation piece. And it got me to thinking that it was about time to play tourist in my hometown and visit this museum. I haven’t been there since my children were very young – it has definitely been more than 20 years.

I know the museum has undergone major renovations since then, and there is probably lots new to discover. All I have to do now is figure out where I am going to find the time.


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