The Day Before

Voters at an advance poll last weekend.

Canadians go to the polls on Monday to choose a national government. Or at least those who haven’t already voted by mail or in the advance polls, where about six million votes have already been cast. If the polls are right, it is going to be a close one with the probable outcome a Liberal minority.

The polls have been wrong before, most recently in Nova Scotia, where the Conservatives won the provincial election this summer surprising everyone except themselves. It could happen on a national scale on Monday, though if it is as close as expected we won’t know the results for a few days – it takes longer to count mail-in ballots.

If you are a regular here you may have noticed that I have been mostly silent on this election when compared to previous years. Not for lack of interest, but more because I was too outraged. In political commentary I try to be balanced and fair, and in this campaign it has been difficult to maintain that equilibrium.

That the Liberals would call an election during a pandemic, when they had received assurances of support in the House of Commons, was simply not right. That they would politicize vaccines and attempt to divide Canadians on a health issue is morally questionable. That they would attempt to demonize their opponents over honestly held beliefs is a sure sign their policy bank was empty.

So I have for the most part kept my mouth shut, becasue otherwise any political commentary was going to be mostly a litany of the abuses by Justin Trudeau’s government and his current campaign. Such endless negativity would be boring.

I wish he would give me something more positive to write about, but he hasn’t. And, as we saw in 2019 when he faced personal scandals and ethical abuses and was re-elected, the voters don’t seem to care. I think he must be banking on that apathy continuing.

There is a school of thought that suggests that politicians don’t win elections as much as incumbents lose them. Voters get tired of governments after a time and vote for change, even if the incumbents haven’t been doing that bad a job.

I’ve been wondering if this election might be somewhat along those lines. I’m tired of Justin Trudeau, who always seems to be telling me not only what I should do but what I should believe. If he becomes Prime Minister yet again he will be able to tell me what to do, that is what governments do. But I will never accept him telling me what I should believe. I still have a Constitutional right to disgaree with him – so far.

This is not the time to discuss what I perceive as Justin Trudeau’s core beliefs and why his policies of “progressive” social engineering are dangerous to Canadian society. I don’t share those beliefs, but there are many Canadians who agree with the way he has been transforming the country.

I accept his right to do so – that is how democracies work. Unlike so many Americans who disavowed Donald Trump, claiming he was ‘not my president,” for the past six years Justin Trudeau has been my Prime Minister. I have disagreed with much of what he has done, but never doubted his legitimacy.

I don’t think Trudeau understands what he is doing, which may be taken as a comment on his intellectual rigor. Actually, I hope he doesn’t understand what he is doing. I’d rather his sins be ones of omission than commission. Mind you, both are sinful.

The alternatives are no more perfect of course. Which may explain the polling numbers and the large number of undecided voters.

For many this election isn’t about a choice between good and better but between bad and worse. It will be interesting to see the outcome.

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  1. Hello from the UK

    Whilst I have no vote in the election as I am a UK citizen, I am concerned about what is going on in the world generally and Canada is no exception.

    I therefore wrote a post about him. I knew that he seemed shallow, but I didn’t realise quite how narcissistic he was. Having come from a broken home this might not be surprising, but my wife and I know of a lovely couple whose husband came from from a family where the parents divorced. He and his wife have been happily married 43 years now.

    It is possible to make good of ones life and be good to others without exploiting them as it appears Justin Trudeau has done.

    I don’t know if this will be of any use to you but here is my link anyway.

    What may be of more use however is my page on Covid 19. I did not understand much of it before I carefully researched last year. Some of it surprised me, but made sense as I thought about it.

    The link contains various sub-links on the issues involved. As regards vaccines I used to think they were of some use. I changed my mind.

    I hope you get a suitable government tomorrow, and that there is no fraud in voting. I do not envy you you choice – it seems to me like a choice between dumb and dumber!

    But I hope people will vote for the person, male or female, who has integrity, not those in it for the show or personal gain.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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