Like Them Ore Not?

I finally made it to the museum in Sulzburg. Only took three-and-a-half years. Mind you, the museum was closed for the past seven months, indeed for much of 2020, due to the pandemic. 

It seems ironic that the place reopened the day we moved out of town. However, since we were in the area, we stopped by after driving a friend home from church.

It’s a small museum, and I have a fair amount to say, but that will wait for another post. Today just a few pictures.

Sulzburg has a rich history, but almost none of that is covered by the museum. It focuses exclsuively on mining in the area. There has been a lot of that over the past couple of millennia, so it. justifies a museum. 

Today though just some ore samples. Not all of these rocks were mined or quarried in Sulzburg itself, but all are from the area. I was taken by the colors, and hope you will be too.



  1. sample second from the bottom on the left looks like sodalite. Just east of Bancroft you will find the Princess Sodalite Mine: no longer a working mine, but they have a gift shop where you can get a very broad range of rocks and minerals.

    1. It’s actually a mix. The blue is azurite, the green tinged stuff is malachite. It does klook a lot like sodalite though. I’m just assuming they labeled it properly!

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