How Would You Vote?

\I don’t even know what they are running for. A strange thing for a political junkie to admit.

I mentioned yesterday I haven’t been following the elections being held in my part of Germany, to the point where I am not even sure what office the candidates hope to be elected to. Ignorance, in this case is deliberate.

In Canada I had an opinion about every political race going. I worked on Parliament Hill. I was involved on a local level. Politics was my favorite sport.

In Germany I am a guest. I resolved at the outset not to follow political news. After all, I don’t have a vote. And, when someone asks me for my opinion I can honestly say I haven’t been following it and don’t have one. So far I haven’t offended anyone with that approach, whereas if I voiced an opinion it could be contentious.

This week though I noticed a couple of campaign signs for a political party I hadn’t heard of before. Which surprised me a little – I would have thought I had at least heard of them all.

My German, as I have mentioned, is at best imperfect. When I saw the slogan on a roadside sign attached to the bridge I was crossing (above), I did a double take. It didn’t really say “war also creates jobs,” did it?

It did. And that was my introduction to Die Partei, “the Party.” As you probably guessed, they aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. Except they have managed to elect members to the European Parliament. Probably much to their own surprise.

I am a big fan of not taking ourselves too seriously. All of us (and I include myself) can suffer from self-importance from time to time. On occasion we need to lighten up.

Which is why I appreciate those who try and inject humor into politics. Yes, you can at times be dealing with life and death issues (especially it seem

s this past year). But not everything you do is a matter of life and death. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

I must admit, I didn’t always understand the humor when I looked at Dei Partie‘s website. It would probably help to be German, to know the political history. Just, as I am sure, Germans looking at Canada’s Rhinoceros Party would wonder at some of the statements.

Politics needs voices outside the mainstream, satirical and serious, to remind all of us of just what is important. If I had a vote this Sunday, I think it might go to the party that, if I understand the sign below correctly, promises not to make any effort.

How would you vote?



  1. There are times I’d like to vote for folks who have no chance of winning … assuming they’re not absolutely dangerous if they somehow won.
    That hasn’t been a luxury lately.

    1. I know how you feel. I’ve voted for fringe parties in protest of the other options. But how can we get better choices?

      1. We can start by encouraging civility and mutual respect in our interactions.

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