View From The Philosopher’s Way

I’m wondering about the state of our society. About how people perceive what is going on around them. You could say I am waxing philosophical.

The Government of Canada recently announced it was going to introduce arbitrary jail terms without trial for selected citizens. Political prisoners in other words.

If this had been attempted a decade ago, when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister, there would have been an outcry from those on the left about the assault on civil liberties. These arrests though are at the instigation of a Prime Minister who espouses liberalism, who talks about rights while ignoring the law.

Somehow that seems to make it okay. The announcement barely made the news and has been promptly forgotten by people not directly affected. The voices who would have opposed Harper are muted if not non-existent.

On days like today, a long walk seems to be in order. Take some time in a beautiful setting to calm the nerves and emotions. But where is a good place to think?

Above the German city of Heidelberg, renowned for its university, is The Philosopher’s Way. The walk became popular in the 19th century and continues to be one of those things visitors to the town make sure they do. It is a good place to think, to confront issues such as right and wrong, good and evil.

I remember walking it on my first trip to Heidelberg back in 1986. Much of that trip remains a blur, my first time in continental Europe and the German leg was primarily for me to meet members of my wife’s family who had never been to Canada.

As a walk it really isn’t taxing, and it does give some great views of the city and its castle. It is also a good place to go with a friend to just spend time together – you don’t have to be distracted by the scenery unless you want to be.

Today though, don’t we all want to be? Aren’t we all looking for distractions, something to focus on that isn’t related to the news (which seems worse daily)?

Let’s walk together along the Philosopher’s Way. Why not put the cares of the day aside, and just enjoy the scenery and being together?

We’ll both be better for it – those problems can wait until tomorrow.


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