Snow Angels

Wandering through Sulzburg’s Kurpark in the snowstorm a couple of weeks ago I came across a woman making snow angels. Not something you think of as an adult activity.

When I was a child we would make snow angels by lying down in freshly fallen snow and moving our arms and legs. The resulting impression in the snow would be very similar to pictures of angels as portrayed by Renaissance artists. Which don’t usually match Biblical descriptions, which do not mention wings.

These angels are “Corona Angels,” if I understood the sculptor correctly. She was speaking quickly, and my brain doesn’t process German at high speeds. I think she was telling me they are socially distanced on the bench. I doubt they are there required two metres apart, but there was no-one around to enforce the rules.

I had seen a fair number of snowmen on my walk, though I didn’t bother taking any pictures – none stood out as being mildly interesting. There’s only so much you can do with a snowman, and it isn’t as if the children of Sulzburg get many opportunities to practice, not when you only have a major storm once a decade or so.

These snow angels made me smile though. I hope they have done the same for you.


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