Keep Your Eyes Open

At the best of times there is little to do in the area I live. These days, with so many pandemic-related restrictions, you pretty much can walk or stay at home.

Which for me isn’t a problem. I like to walk. Though I admit the trails around Sulzburg, so admired by the tourists (which we are still getting) are beginning to seem a little ordinary to me. There’s nothing new to see.

Except there is, as I realized this past week. No matter how many times I have walked a particular trail, there are always things to discover. I just have to remember to be open to seeing what is there.

I don’t recall seeing mushrooms before this week. Given that this is my fourth autumn walking these trails, I consider it highly unlikely that the mushrooms and toadstools I have been seeing are a new thing. I just didn’t notice them before.

While today’s example seems a little suspect, I did walk by some perfectly formed white mushrooms the other day that looked good enough to eat. Not by me though – I have no idea how to tell the difference between poisonous and edible, and I don’t want to find out the hard way.

The fungus attached to a log I must have walked by at least half a dozen times without noticing. If I remember my grade-school biology, those things don’t grow that swiftly. Maybe I have walked by it for four years and never noticed.

I wonder what else I have missed. And what else I will discover on my next walk.

What about you? Are you aware of all the things you see in your daily routine? Or are you missing something interesting?

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open.

One comment

  1. There always seems to be something new along a familiar route, if you keep your eyes and heart open. Especially when you’re on foot rather than driving.

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