Autumn in the Vineyards

For some reason, the leaves on the forest trees don’t seem to change colors here. Which explains why so many Germans come to eastern Canada and the US northeast at this time of year. You don’t get to see displays like this in our part of Germany.

Friday was a gray day, typical of a week in which we have had lots of rain (and indeed it is raining today). Even on a gray day though there is a certain beauty in walking through the vineyards.

The harvest was weeks ago, but there are still a few grapes on the vines. I’m not sure if they weren’t ripe when the harvesters came through, or whether they are being saved for a later harvesting for some reason.

I sample a couple, and found they were tastier than the ones I had sampled just before harvest. Maybe if they are still there in a week I’ll take a few home. Ordinarily that isn’t done, but if they are just going to be wasted otherwise…

Here indeed the leaves are beginning to yellow. Soon they will be gone and the farmers will be out to prune the vines so that they are ready to grow anew next year.

I’d say it was a special time, but every day is a special time in the vineyards around Sulzburg. There is beauty in the gray things of life, as long as you are open to seeing it.


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