The Witch’s Fountain

I couldn’t puzzle out the meaning of the inscription on this fountain in the southern German town of Waldkirch, but from the figures I can deduce there is a supernatural element. The character on the left is definitely a witch.

Witchcraft is a central theme throughout the Black Forest. The Grimm Brothers collected their fairy tales here, they didn’t originate them. And the originals have a much darker feel to them than the Disneyfied versions you may be familiar with.

Waldkirch is a pleasant little town, one I will remember primarily for one thing: it was the last place we visited in March before the lockdown started. So much has changed since then. Society may never be the same again.

On that Saturday we were aware of COVID-19, but didn’t expect to be personally affected. Pandemics were something that happened elsewhere. We never dreamed we wouldn’t get back to Canada in the summer, that our annual seaside vacation in Maine would be canceled.

On a cool grey day we really didn’t see much of the town. We did climb to the castle, which was our reason for visiting.

And yes, I did take some castle pictures and will eventually post them. Though I have reached the point of saying “if you have seen one ruined castle you have seen them all.”

With the restrictions on travel these days there aren’t as many people traveling. Taking a foreign vacation seems somehow irresponsible. And dangerous.

Which means you are unlikely to visit Waldkirch in the near future. I hope you enjoy this fountain which I found in a courtyard tucked off the market square. 


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