On The Forest Floor

Noticed this on my walk in the Black Forest this week. I think it is a mushroom, or some sort of fungus.

Normally I can be quite oblivious to the flora (and fauna) as I do my daily walk. I know I need fresh air and exercise, so I do it.

Too often though I don’t take time to stop and smell the (figurative) roses. This time I did. The color caught my eye as I walked past, so I stopped to take a closer look.

I didn’t really notice the green stuff until I posted this photograph. Is the mushroom nestled in a bed of clover or shamrocks? (And what is the difference between the two – I really don’t know.) Are they native to this area?

I ask that because the trail I was walking along passes by several of the old mines that at one point gave Sulzburg its reason for being. I suppose it is possible seeds could have been carried here by some miner from Sicily or Ireland a thousand years ago or more.

We leave impressions wherever we go. A lot of the time we may not even be aware of them. There are no Roman ruins in Sulzburg, except for the old mines, and they hardly count as ruins. There are no buildings, and for several of them you can no longer see where the mining once took place. Time is a great healer, even of an open pit mine.

Yet here I am speculating that some miner more than a thousand years ago brought these plants to the area. Even if there is no way to prove or disprove the hypothesis, it is an interesting thought.

I wonder if there are things I am doing today that will have an impact that will be remembered by future generations? I consider it unlikely, but you never know.

Maybe one of the refugee children I have met here will grow up to be a world-famous inventor or surgeon and remember this Canadian fondly.

What sort of impression will you leave today on your world?


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