Moving Day


When you carry all your worldly possessions on your back, the decision to move to a new location is an easy one. Or so I would think.IMG_20200715_1706588

Snails are not an uncommon sight where I live, but Wednesday was the first time this year I have seen one with its shell. I don’t know where the others left theirs – I am woefully ignorant of the habits of snails. I leave it to you as to whether that is a good or bad thing.

At the speed snails travel, any journey can be a perilous one. I will admit to wondering why this particular snail had chosen to cross the road at the edge of the vineyard. Are snails capable of thought? Or was it instinct?`

The road wasn’t busy, so maybe this snail made it to his or her destination.






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  1. Stephen Martin · · Reply

    Definitely a “slow news day” blog (pun intended)!

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