A Peaceful Place


img_20200326_1526364In the vineyards above Laufen there is a small hut, a shack, built I suppose as a place for the workers to eat their lunch without the sun beating down on them. Inside are a couple of tables, with benches all around.img_20200326_1520451

Inside are also several hundred books. If you want one, feel free to take it with you.

Seeing book kiosks is not uncommon in this part of Germany. They are usually old phone booths that have been re-purposed as free libraries. Take a book, leave a book. This one is considerably bigger.

I’m not sure what motivated the owner of the vineyard to stick these books here. It would seem to be an out-of-the-way location. Appearances though can be a little deceiving.

Germans spend a lot of time walking. I figure it is because there isn’t much else to do – especially these days. So there are a fair number of people who would pass by this hut, look inside and browse. They might even decide to sit and read, to decide if they really want to take the book with them. If it us a sunny day, there’s a bench outside too – with a great view of the valley.img_20200326_1524245

It was very peaceful up there on Thursday afternoon, even if it was a little hazy.  I didn’t find a book to take home though.

There were lots of author names I recognized – but the books were all translations into German. I guess not too many English-speaking tourists pass this way, or if they do they don’t bring a book on their walk.

No regrets though. I have enough to read at the moment, and it was nice to get some fresh air and not think about the news.

Maybe next time I’m by, I’ll bring a book with me to leave behind.


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