University Church


Wandering down the street in the university area of Freiburg, we ducked into the University Church, partly because there was a free organ recital.IMG_20200229_1345043

The church is a new building, relatively speaking, with construction having taken place between 1683 and 1701. Originally a Jesuit church, it has been under Freiburg University’s administration since the late 18th century. The university was already more than 300 years old at that point.

The church interior has a simple feel to it, maybe influenced by today’s green movement. There’s a lot of wood, giving it an almost rustic feel – if such a thing can be attained in a high-ceilinged space.

The organ recital, one of a series given by students at the music school, was pleasant enough – but I must admit I don’t see the pipe organ as a solo instrument. I kept waiting for a trumpet counterpoint or a soaring guitar solo that never happened.

Still, I can see myself going back again the next time I am in Freiburg on a Saturday afternoon. Free always has a certain appeal.


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