Freiburg’s Japanese Garden


A cloudy February afternoon is probably not the best time to see the beauty of a Japanese garden. I went in anyway.

I missed this area nestled on one of the edges of Freiburg’s urban Seepark. Somehow I walked past it a couple of times last summer without it registering on my consciousness.

Even in what passes for winter here, there was a certain beauty to the place. When the artificial stream is running and the flowers are in bloom I think it might be spectacular. IMG_20200223_1514149 (1)

I didn’t take time to read the sign at the entrance, other than to note the garden was built in 1990. Some expression of friendship with Japan I presume. If you need the details ask me, and I’ll check the sign next time I am in the park.

It isn’t a large area, but I guess it doesn’t have to be to make an impact. I don’t know if the plants grow naturally in the shape you see or whether they are judiciously trimmed – but does it really matter? Even on a somewhat gloomy day the place was appealing.

Seepark doesn’t have a huge appeal to me other than being a nice place for a stroll. It is a limited area and I don’t think there is anything new to discover now that I have seen this garden. You can walk around the lake only so many times before you start wishing for a different view.

I will go back though. It isn’t always about discovering something new. And I do want to see what the garden looks like when the flowers are in bloom and the water is running.



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