Wolf’s Canyon


February is supposed to be cold. Even in southern Germany.

Except it wasn’t on the Saturday when my wife and I spent a little bit of time exploring Wolfsschlucht, or Wolf’s Canyon, near Kandern. Not only was it sunny, but it was 18 Celsius. I think it was minus 30 that day in Ottawa.IMG_20200208_1319207

We love walking the trails around our Sulzburg home, but there are days we are looking for a different view. I’m not sure who told my wife about this trail about a half-hour drive from home, but we figured the day was perfect for it.

I suspect this is one walk we will be taking future visitors to experience. In the time available we didn’t walk the whole trail, but we saw enough to know that Wolf’s Canyon is a special place.

Hazardous too in spots – there were a couple of places I wanted to climb and then decided it was just too slippery. That will wait until summertime perhaps when the footing will be a little better (I hope). We did find some spots that will be great for future picnics. We enjoyed lots of interesting rock formations and some nice views of the Black Forest.IMG_20200208_1336591

Supposedly the trail is a seven-kilometre circle that starts and ends in Kandern. I say supposedly because I was told it was a gentle path and people bring babies in strollers for the walk.

Maybe that is true, but I did a lot of climbing on paths that could accommodate a stroller only if you were carrying it on your back. My suspicion is we took a wrong turn on the trail and missed the easy route.

No regrets though, Wolf’s Canyon is a beautiful spot and I’m looking forward to exploring it some more.



  1. Stephen Martin · · Reply

    So happy for you, but you’re killing me here (outside of Ottawa) with your hiking in February stories….

    1. So I won’t mention that Sunday I didn’t feel like a walk, so took a book and a cool drink to the Sulzburg market square and sat in the sunshine reading for an hour or so.

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