Does It Matter?

I saw this sign at the grocery story. It left me with questions.

Does Canadian salmon taste better than other salmon? If so, what makes a salmon Canadian? Is it spawning location or should citizenship be determined by where the salmon has migrated to? Or do salmon have dual citizenship?

Do salmon even know that they have a nationality? I didn’t think they grouped that way.

As a consumer, as well as taste, I want to know about price. Is Canadian salmon cheaper? Or is it more exclusive, therefore more expensive?

I don’t think I am that unusual in that I look more at price of food than origin. I know the importance of shopping locally, but I also know the importance of a dollar and the need to stretch it. If Canadian salmon costs twice what the American fish does, I’ll leave my patriotism at the cash register.

What about you? Are you concerned about where your food comes from? Does price trump all other considerations? Let me know with your comments!





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