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Growing a BackBone

I wanted to scream. Or shake some sense into them. I did neither. That’s because the people who were driving me nuts weren’t in the room, or in this case the plane. They were featured in a Wall Street Journal article I was reading on how teenagers are increasingly turning to food delivery options rather […]

Does It Matter?

I saw this sign at the grocery story. It left me with questions. Does Canadian salmon taste better than other salmon? If so, what makes a salmon Canadian? Is it spawning location or should citizenship be determined by where the salmon has migrated to? Or do salmon have dual citizenship? Do salmon even know that […]

Sticker Shock

  Back in Canada after a ten month absence and feeling a little disoriented. The jet lag isn’t as bad coming from Europe as going there, so it isn’t to blame. There are new buildings, including a huge Amazon warehouse on the outskirts of town that wasn’t there last year. The new light-rail project is […]

Who Knew?

I was walking down on a street in Luton, a suburb of London when I saw this restaurant. It seemed somewhat out of place. Luton is a multi-ethnic community, with a variety of restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world. It would make sense that there would be kebabs, whihc are immensely popular the  Middle […]

Dinner Time (Cultural Differences XV)

Came across another cultural difference , but not one between Germany and Canada as I have been documenting here from time to time. This one surprised me. We were invited to dinner in a village about a 40-minute drive from our home in Sulzburg. Our hosts were celebrating their new apartment. They came here as […]

You Can’t Hear The Difference

Pretty much everyone in North America knows peperoni, that mildly spicy Italian sausage that is the first meat you would add to a pizza. I usually take my pizza with just sauce and cheese, but if I want a little variety, I ask for pepperoni. But not in Germany. What a difference a “p” makes. […]

Comfort Food

My son came for a visit last week. I assumed one of the reasons was to enjoy some of my cooking. Why else leave sunny Rome for cloudy Sulzburg? I asked if there was anything he would particularly like, and he said no, which left it up to me.   I enjoy cooking. It’s partly […]


No snow in my area of Germany. Also no snowballs, as these pastries are known. I don’t know if there is a more formal name. I discovered them in Rothenburg almost a decade ago. Don’t ask me what they taste like – I didn’t try one. My wife did, and as I recall she wasn’t […]

I Couldn’t Resist

Another weekend, another Advent Market, the fourth one we have attended and the first in what is now really the Advent season. Pictures and commentary coming in a couple of days, but I wanted to show you this right now. I have seen American vendors bragging about “foot-long” hot dogs, though I have never seen […]

Cultural Differences III

The season is over, but I’m already craving fresh-picked corn on the cob. Drenched in butter, with a touch of lemon pepper. That longing is probably exacerbated by knowing I can’t get it in Germany. It has always been a toss-up whether corn or potato wins the contest to be my favourite vegetable. From October […]