The Beginning, Again

It’s that day again. On August 30, 2014 I began regularly posting in this spot, resurrecting a blog that had had one entry and then been temporarily abandoned. It is amazing I remembered the password.

As I do every August 30, I’m going to look back and share some thoughts from that 2014 post, where I set out my vision for what I was going to do here and asked you to come along for the ride. I didn’t know much about blogging, but I knew that my idea of on occasion jumping from topic to topic went against the grain of only writing about one thing.

I had had a couple of friends who had encouraged me for years to start a blog. I had done some guest posts, but never caught the “blog bug.”

Thein, in the summer of 2014 I traveled to six different countries in as many weeks. Some of my experiences were thought provoking. I jotted some notes down on my phone, originally meant as lengthy captions for the pictures I was going to post on Facebook when I returned to Canada.

However, I soon realized the “captions” were taking on a life of their own. Five years later, I am still working through exactly how I feel about some of the things I witnessed. The First World War battlefield, for example, that inspires feelings of horror at the human waste, and awe at the spirit of willing sacrifice. Some places I visited were just fun, and in 2014 I said I probably wouldn’t write about those. I changed y mind. Fun is sometimes necessary in this at times decidedly unfun world. That’s why I occasionally post jokes and pictures I have seen online. Some days we all need a laugh.

In posting my vacation thoughts and photos I had hoped to create a dialogue, to perhaps open minds and hearts, for me to learn a little from those reading the posts. Which I have done – though I always hope for more comments and feedback.

In 2014 I noted that 1960s American pop artist Andy Warhol suggested that at some point in the future everyone would become famous, for 15 minutes anyway. That prophetic observation may have been one reason I had a three-year gap between my first and second posts. I may have been reluctant to make my thoughts available as it seemed everyone had a blog. (The few who didn’t had their own reality TV show).

Like most writers, there was also an element of self-doubt. Who am I to say that my pearls of wisdom are worth reading? But if I don’t make them available, how can anyone judge?

In 2014 I thought I might vanish into the virtual wallpaper once I had exhausted the tales of that European vacation. Then other topics came to mind, and feedback was positive, so I kept on going.

I’ve got a pile of half-written travel posts. A bunch of political pieces. Some book, film and music reviews, and a few other random things I need to finish and post here.

Now, as Random Thoughts From Lorne enters its sixth year, I see that I have posted more than 1,750 times – more than 80,000 words. That’s a small book. It’s been fun.

Let’s do it again tomorrow!

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