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The Beginning, Again

It’s that day again. On August 30, 2014 I began regularly posting in this spot, resurrecting a blog that had had one entry and then been temporarily abandoned. It is amazing I remembered the password. As I do every August 30, I’m going to look back and share some thoughts from that 2014 post, where […]

Time Passes So Quickly!

More than a thousand posts later the ideas keep on coming. It was August 30, three years ago today, that I began regular posts here. Today I’m going to quote some of that very first post (in italics) and add some random thoughts that have occurred to me as we have wandered together. Why did […]

Happy Anniversary To Me!

As I get older I have trouble remembering significant dates. I haven’t forgotten my wife’s birthday yet, or our wedding anniversary, but lesser events I am more likely to be hazy on. Such as the start date for this blog. I had to look it up, and it looks like it started August 30, 2014, […]

A Ghostly Tale for Halloween

I am a ghost. That seems like a reasonable admission to make on this Halloween. Not the spectral type of ghost, though I remain invisible most of the time, but a flesh and blood ghost writer. My words, someone else’s name on the publication, someone else giving the speech. The acclamation of cold hard cash. […]

The Author’s Test

During my childhood I was not exposed to the delightful children’s books penned by Canadian author Dennis Lee. By the time he turned his attention to writing poems for children instead of adults I was almost finished high school. I do appreciate his work though – he has a splendid imagination and never fails to […]

Advice For Writers

September is back to school time. That has usually been of interest to my wife and children than me. They were the ones who headed off to school, I just went to work. Except three years ago… It was a crazy move, but I quit my job and went back to school full-time to get […]