A Pause For Reflection

It is vacation time again. I really need this one, it has been a hectic year. So I’m going to do something really different.

Normally I am working on at east a dozen different posts that are just a small edit away from being ready. That is true now also. But there hasn’t been time for a small edit. Between work and life, there has been no time for the fun I get in this space.

Sometimes when I have been on vacation I have filled this space with re-runs. But choosing those would take time I don’t have to spare as I get ready for my trip and try and finish a few things for work.

Rather than add to my stress level I’ve decided to give you a break too. So this is my last post for a couple of weeks, assuming I have the willpower to stay on the beach and bask in the sunshine rather than spend time on my computer. I suppose if we get a few days of rain I may finish one of those in-progress pieces and post it.

Thank you for allowing me this time. I feel mildly guilty at not providing you with your daily “random thought.” I don’t want to disappoint you, but at the same time I know you will understand.

I expect to be back either August 18 or 19. In the meantime you might want to take the opportunity to browse the blog archives – lots of great reading there and I’ll bet there are a few you haven’t seen before.

Enjoy the next couple of weeks – I certainly plan to.


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