Only Half The Story


The poster I saw downtown was designed to shock. I think it succeeded. Too bad the people behind it didn’t know what they were saying.

It is advertising a small music festival in Freiburg, Germany, one that started yesterday and ends today. My guess is that all the bands sound the same. By telling you that you can “dance on the dead corpse of Jesus” I think they are trying to appeal to a particular demographic. I don’t think I am their target audience.

I’m sure they mean well when they declare “no gods, no masters, no racism, no fascism, no sexism.” The problem is, they apparently would have trust that without God humans can get along quite fine. A study of history would show precisely the opposite. Remove God from the equation and you will indeed have sexism, racism, fascism – and worse.

Somehow I don’t think “black metal, violent poetry, hardcore punk and depressive post-black metal” is designed to uplift the soul.

Maybe that is to be expected, given the timing of the event. Good Friday and today.

I’m sure in Jerusalem there was metaphoric dancing when Jesus was crucified on that first Good Friday. One more troublemaker taken care of. They really didn’t understand what had happened.

They were probably dancing in Hell that day too. They probably had trouble believing that Jesus had gone through with it. How could he have been so stupid? They certainly didn’t understand what had taken place.

But they knew on Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead. There was no dancing on his dead corpse, because there was no longer a corpse or reason for a grave.

In Freiburg yesterday and today those attending this festival are metaphorically dancing on Jesus’ corpse. Given the advertised nature of the event, I expect some pretty dark things to be said, and then the festival will end.

Sunday morning those festival-goers will wake up to a new world, even though they may not yet be ready to admit it. On Easter there is no corpse for them to dance on. Instead there is a risen saviour, who is offering them love, not depressive post-death metal. He is offering them a way out of the traps of sexism, racism and fascism.

I wonder if anyone at the festival this evening will truly understand the significance of the dates. I wonder if anyone will look beyond Good Friday and consider what happened Easter Sunday.

I am praying that those in attendance will do just that. Then they can truly dance with joy before the empty tomb.

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  1. well-written

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