Technological Challenges

This is not the post I had scheduled for today. Which has me mildly annoyed, as I had some pictures I wanted to share today.

I think I mentioned I was traveling on business these days. In a perfect world I would have planned ahead and had all the posts for the time period written and scheduled before leaving Germany. This is not a perfect world.

I did however write several posts on the flight, because what else am I going to do on an airplane? There were no movies to watch. I figured I could then upload them once arriving at my destination, adding photos as necessary.

Today’s post, and the two following, were supposed to have lots of pictures accompanying them. There was a castle, some street scenes and maybe a church or two, taken on a recent excursion to France. You may have noticed today’s post is instead photo-free.

Turns out the internet connection in my hotel is spotty at best. I can send email. I can write text, but the photos for today’s post wouldn’t upload. Since a story about a 12th century castle with no pictures would be unsatisfactory, what you have instead is this explanation for why there are no pictures today. Just another reminder of how we take technology for granted.

Maybe later today I can find a spot where the connection is stronger and I can put pictures in this space. If that happens I’ll have something more visually stimulating for tomorrow. If not, who knows what you will find here.

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