Christmas Dinner

The sign said they were Weihnachtsganse or Christmas geese. This flock of white birds was in a field just below the castle in Emmendingen when we visited a month ago.

I thought perhaps they are named Christmas geese because they are snow white. I suspect though that they are so called because that is when they are most likely to wind up on your dinner table. With three days before Christmas, this flock is probably already at local grocery stores.

Which has me wondering if maybe I should forego turkey this year and serve goose instead. It has been almost 35 years since I last cooked a goose, and that was a Canada goose that a friend brought me. I’m not sure if you cook German birds the same way,

I’ve noticed that the turkeys in the grocery store are all from France. I guess goose is what I should serve if I want to completely immerse myself in the culture, and turkey if I want to be Canadian.

Which do you think I should choose?


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