Classy Move

Last night (my time) I was watching a Canadian Football League playoff game between the Hamilton Tiger Cats and British Columbia Lions. No matter the outcome, some feline was going to win.

It was a 1 p.m. start in Hamilton, which made it 10 a.m. for fans watching in British Columbia. It was Remembrance Day, but the ceremonies in Hamilton had been over for a couple of hours.

Yet at 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. in BC, the game was paused. All in the stadium stood and observed a time to silence, to remember the sacrifices of our soldier and, perhaps, to pray for peace.

The league didn’t have to do that. Anyone in Eastern Canada had already had the opportunity to commemorate the day. People out west who were watching the game probably didn’t care.

In Canada we do care. Especially this year, as we remembered the end of the First World War, a hundred years ago. Someone in CFL headquarters was able to figure that out and act appropriately. The game was stopped. There was silence on the TV screen. Players and crowd had their heads bowed.

I thought it was a nice move, very respectful of the day. I’d be willing to bet the NFL, the football cousins to the south, didn’t observe any periods of silence in yesterday’s games. Only in Canada you say? Pity.


The Cenotaph in Sulzburg

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