Back To The Munster


There was nothing on the schedule yesterday, at least not officially. I did have a pile of work on my desk, trying to catch up after a week in Cyprus. (That was also work, but the routine tasks didn’t get done in 12-hour days of meetings.)

So when my wife woke up and said “let’s go to Freiburg today” the sensible response was “I’m too busy.” I gotta admit though, I’m not that sensible.  IMG_20181103_1501290

Freiburg has many tourist attractions, not to mention shopping. All the stores in Sulzburg wouldn’t equal the ones in half a block of Freiburg. However, we made no plans, deciding instead just to wander.

We walked through the old city, especially the shopping district, and made note of what stores we might want to shop at next time. The choice was a little overwhelming for someone not used to having retail options. We wandered through the park at the base of the Schlossberg, but didn’t climb the hill (we did that last year). We looked at about 20 restaurants before deciding on Turkish food. And then we went back to the train station and headed home.

Freiburg is only 20 minutes by train from Heitersheim, which itself is 15 minutes by busIMG_20181103_1504000 from Sulzburg. Even quicker if we drive and park at the train station. We’re busy though, don’t think of relaxing enough. It was my first trip to Freiburg since February.

For the next few days I’ll give you a taste of our day, starting with the famous Munster. When we checked the church out last December, during Freiburg’s Christmas market, it seemed dark and gloomy. Part of that may be attributable to the grey day we were having.

Saturday was mostly sunny, so I wanted to check the church out and see if sunshine made a difference. It did, but only a little. The church is beautiful, especially the stained glass, but still rather dark.

So today some shots I took inside the church, which do, I think, give you an idea of what it can look like when the weather is good. Don’t forget that if you click on a picture it should enlarge.

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