The  month is over and for the second year in a row I failed to take part in any Oktoberfest activities. Soon they’ll be revoking my honorary German status.

The closest I came was last week in Munich, which, as everyone knows is the spiritual centre of Oktoberfest. Well, I wasn’t actually in the city, but I did change planes in the Munich Airport.

In the duty-free store I saw that Oktoberfest items were on display. I wasn’t tempted. A 30% saving on something that was overpriced  to begin with just didn’t appeal to me. Not to mention I though the various mugs were aesthetically unpleasing (which is a polite word for ugly). Do you see anything here that you would have bought?





  1. Probably wouldn’t have bought anything in the airport but I am a massive fan of the Munich Oktoberfest. Just wish i could go every year!

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