Fake Cow

Went to an open house Sunday at the SOS Children’s Village in Sulzburg (more on that at a later date). There were various vendors selling refreshments.

The big hit was a dairy. At least I think it was a dairy – they were giving out free yoghurt drink samples.

I don’t drink (or eat) yoghurt, but I did appreciate the cow they brought with them and placed in front of their booth. I was raised in the city, but had family members who farmed, so I have seen a cow or two in my day. But I know there are those who never have had that opportunity.

This cow though wasn’t real – though it was milkable. I looked a little closer though, and what the children were getting from the udder was water, not milk.

I wonder if they thought of building a refrigerator in it and turning it into a milk dispenser. I’d bet that children would drink more milk in that case, though it might get a bit messy.

The pictures do make it look lifelike, don’t they?

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