They Called Again!

I guess my not being in the country for a year has lulled telemarketers into a sense of complacency. When I was working yesterday afternoon the phone rang.

It was a very poor connection from wherever in India the young man was calling, and I really didn’t hear what he was calling about. But I did hear that it was all for one low price.

A few years ago it was carpet cleaning they were trying to sell, but that has been a while. More recently it was all about duct cleaning. So I gambled. I explained that we don’t allow the ducks into the house, but I suppose they could do with a cleaning. (I must admit, I am only guessing there. There are ducks in the creek in front of our home, but I haven’t checked their cleanliness.)

I guessed correctly. He asked me to repeat myself. Then he hung up on me. They’ll probably put me on a do not call list – I don’t know why they took me off it. (I have not registered for the official do not call list – why let telemarketers know there is a potential customer at the end of that number?)

Playing mind games with telemarketers amuses me. If I want a product, I am quite capable of finding a vendor on my own, I don’t need someone calling me to try and sell me something because they think I need it.

Which leaves me wondering: who is going to clean the  ducks?


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  2. The daughter explains that her unit has only baseboard heaters. That cuts down on those calls. Now, what to do about the ones that promise to help you with your Mastercard-Visa account – as if they were one Company?? 😳

    1. Why didn’t I think of that? Then again, I do like toying with telemarketers.

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