They Called Again!

I guess my not being in the country for a year has lulled telemarketers into a sense of complacency. When I was working yesterday afternoon the phone rang.

It was a very poor connection from wherever in India the young man was calling, and I really didn’t hear what he was calling about. But I did hear that it was all for one low price.

A few years ago it was carpet cleaning they were trying to sell, but that has been a while. More recently it was all about duct cleaning. So I gambled. I explained that we don’t allow the ducks into the house, but I suppose they could do with a cleaning. (I must admit, I am only guessing there. There are ducks in the creek in front of our home, but I haven’t checked their cleanliness.)

I guessed correctly. He asked me to repeat myself. Then he hung up on me. They’ll probably put me on a do not call list – I don’t know why they took me off it. (I have not registered for the official do not call list – why let telemarketers know there is a potential customer at the end of that number?)

Playing mind games with telemarketers amuses me. If I want a product, I am quite capable of finding a vendor on my own, I don’t need someone calling me to try and sell me something because they think I need it.

Which leaves me wondering: who is going to clean the  ducks?


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