He Swore At Me!

I won’t repeat the words. He called me names I won’t repeat here. I don’t use that sort of language. Then he hung up on me.

All I did was talk about ducks.

You would think by now this telemarketer would have removed my number from his system. I recognize his voice, though his name is different every call, you would think he would recognize mine. This post, from 2016, tells you why. Or you can click here for another encounter.

He wanted to talk about duct cleaning. I told him his timing was perfect. The ducks who live in the stream outside should be heading South soon, and it would be nice if they were clean when they go. Wouldn’t want to send dirty ducks to the US, which is where they should migrate too. (The local flock doesn’t migrate – one of the neighbours feeds it, but he doesn’t need to know that.)

That’s when the swearing started. I didn’t get all the words, he hung up quickly.

I probably have more sympathy than most for telemarketers. It’s a thankless job, but it does provide employment for people with few other skills. In the case of charities, it is an effective way to get the message to a new audience.

However, those in the field should realize that they are intruding into people’s lives without invitation. An uninvited guest should behave properly. And someone who has been told they are not welcome should not keep trying their luck.

There was no reason to swear at me. He didn’t learn his lesson the last few times. And it really does sound like he is saying “duck” when he calls. Maybe that is the phone, or maybe his Indian accent.

Yes, I was wasting his time – but he wasted mine first by calling. When I want my ducts cleaned (or my ducks cleaned for that matter) I will find a reputable firm – preferably one that doesn’t do cold-calling to drum up business.

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