Creepy Clowns?

One of my ongoing issues regarding blogging is time management. Sometimes I will write a post and then something comes up and for whatever reason I never get around to sharing it. 

I was looking at my old phone yesterday and noticed a lot of material I had never gotten around to posting. Sometimes it was topical and events had moved on so I didn’t post. Or some news event took precedence the day it was supposed to run and I never rescheduled. 

I have no idea when I wrote today’s post, thought looking online I see it was most likely 2016. I remember there were news reports about rogue clowns, but I no longer remember why I decided to write about it.

Not wanting to waste the effort, I’m posting it today. I hope it makes sense.

My mother has never liked clowns. The are reasons for that going back to her childhood, but we don’t need to get into those here. She would love to have the new mobile phone app that warns you when there is a clown near you. First though, she would have to get a phone.

I must admit I haven’t paid much attention to the “creepy clown” fad that has been much in the news recently. I know there have been scares, assaults, lockdowns and even murders, but not in my neighbourhood.

The first slight notice I paid was to a news report of a school being closed because someone had posted a Facebook picture of a clown standing outside it. No threats, just a picture. Struck me as ludicrous. Still does.

Retailers have stopped selling clown costumes for fear they will be abused. And for your piece of mind there is a mobile phone app that you can download that will let you know in real time when clowns are sighted anywhere across North America.

I’m surprised we aren’t also watching out for zombies.

We all get a certain thrill out of being scared – why else is Halloween so popular? (Okay, there are other reasons, but we aren’t going there today.) Not to forget roller coasters – people pay to be scared.s

Creepy clowns though aren’t all that scary in and of themselves. It is the element of surprise, of being startled that has brought them to the forefront of public consciousness. If people in clown suits are committing crimes, then charge them with that crime. Seems pretty simple to me.

Or is this just the tip of the iceberg. Are we about to see an explosion of anti-social behavior? Are norms crumbling? Is anarchy threatening? The zombie apocalypse is a matter of fiction. Creepy clowns distract us from the four horsemen of the real apocalypse riding over the world. That is where our focus should be.

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