Triberg – I


As I paid the entrance fee it hit home. It was the first time my wife, my children and I had all been in Europe at the same time. The only person missing was my daughter-in-law, who couldn’t get the time off work.IMG_4045

We have done very few tourist outings in our first ten months in Germany. We are working, and there are lots of places to explore in the Sulzburg area. But with the children here, we decided to travel a bit further afield.

The Triberg waterfall is a 90 minute drive from Sulzburg, which made it a nice outing. It is billed as the highest waterfall in Germany, which means it is no Niagara. It reminded me a lot of Hogs Back Falls in Ottawa, maybe a little higher but less powerful. That you have to pay an admission fee is proof that it really isn’t very big. But it is a nice place to see.

We saw the falls, hiked a nature trail and enjoyed being together for the first time in almost two years. Since I was skipping German class, I felt it only appropriate to email a couple of pictures to my classmates stuck in a hot classroom. The immediate responses indicated they were not paying as close attention to the lesson as they should have. IMG_4063

The sky was overcast as we arrived at the falls, which makes the pictures less brilliant than they might have been. That did make it nicer for hiking though, not too hot.

We didn’t spend too much time in the town of Triburg itself. It was filled with tourists and stores that catered to them, but that sort of thing can be fun if you don’t do it too often. A return visit (maybe skipping the falls and the five-euro fee to see them) is a possibility at some point in the future. I also think you can expect some more pictures in the next post.

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  1. 5 euros for Hog’s Back? lol

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