There seem to be water fountains everywhere I go in Germany. Usually attached to what was probably a trough to allow horses to drink. And a sign that says “kein Trinkwasser,” which means you shouldn’t drink it.

I figure there’s probably nothing wrong with the water, but the pipes are probably old and lead. A little bit won’t hurt you, but a lot could. As I recall, lead can cause brain damage, among other things; my brain is damaged enough, I won’t take the chance.

Saturday, as I was walking through downtown Mullheim I came across this drinking fountain, which apparently is safe to use. I hadn’t noticed it before, despite having walked down the street a couple of dozen times previously. It is basically an old-fashioned pump – it took a few cranks to get the water flowing. Not having a cup with me I didn’t drink, but I have filed the location away for future use.

Certainly it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing drinking fountains I have seen, and probably the most difficult to use. If you don’t have a cup you would have to bend over and stick your head underneath, which would result in a complete soaking.

On a hot summer day, that might not seem too bad.


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