Black Forest Ramble – XI

If you opened an ice cream parlour in the middle of nowhere, would people come? Apparently, especially if the ice cream is good. I guess that is why the Eckhof family started selling ice cream on their farm in 2002.IMG_3794

When we stopped at Berglusthaus (see yesterday’s post) on a detour from our exploration of the Lebensweg above St. Ulrich, our hosts spoke of homemade ice cream which could be had if we just walked another 15 minutes or so. We weren’t on a schedule; we both like ice cream.

Surprisingly the shop was busy, just a few minutes before 6 p.m. closing time (the store is open afternoons only, May through October). Most customers seemed to be like us, traveling on foot through the Black Forest, though I did see a couple of bicycles. The take-out didn’t tempt me; the stuff would have been long melted by the time we got back to our car. Parking places indicate though that people are willing to drive to get this ice cream. IMG_3797

Family-owned businesses are the norm in this area. The family that runs this dairy purchased the property in 1823, which almost makes them newcomers. Beside ice cream they sell sausage, bacon, milk, yoghurt and Christmas trees, among other things. And you can rent a vacation apartment.

The view was, as to be expected, spectacular. It alone was worth the walk. Our cones got licked before I thought to take a picture, so they aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing. Sorry about that, but I wasn’t thinking of a restaurant review, and not being a millennial, I don’t automatically take pictures of my food. IMG_3804

My Scottish ancestry usually rebels at the cost of an ice cream cone. In the grocery store I could get a couple of liters for that price, not just a couple of scoops.

Still, on a hot day when we had already been walking for a couple of hours, it was a refreshing stop. Next time we walk the trails in the St. Ulrich area, I’m sure we will be back.

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