No Respect


It was a quick visit to Freiburg and we decided to climb the hill, Schlossburg, in  the centre of the city. In the Spring we’ll go back and explore, as we didn’t see the lake or any of the ruins I read about online. It was just a nice place for a Winter walk with some great views of the city.

On the way back down we came upon an area that didn’t seem to have any function. There was concrete and a lot of graffiti, but I didn’t see any signs indicating what it was intended to represent.

Looking closely I could see that there was an inscription, which to me seemed almost illegible due to the paint. Not that I would have understood the German anyway.

My wife was able to read and translate. It is a war memorial, dedicated to the fallen and urging those who remain to keep the peace.  A universal sentiment, no matter your nationality.

I felt so sad to see that this monument has been defaced in this way. I understand the exuberance of youth (assuming the graffiti artists to be young), but there are times when perhaps more thought should be put into actions.

Laying aside all the issues of defacing public spaces, which seems at times to be the sole purpose of graffiti, there are certain things that should deserve respect, no matter what your agenda is.

I would have though a war memorial was one of those. I guess I was wrong.



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  1. Wonderfully written (y)

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