The Slow Boat Arrives

I wrote last week about some mild frustrations I was experiencing with a couple of packages I had ordered online. Living where I do, online shopping is usually the only option.

In the first week of November I ordered knives, measuring spoons, measuring cups, a couple of compact discs, a new BlackBerry and I don’t remember what else. Most items arrived in a couple of days. I wrote about the measuring spoons earlier. And I lamented that the measuring cups had failed to arrive in time for me to do my Christmas baking.IMG_20180104_1934002

Just before Christmas I ordered a gift for my wife – but it was being shipped from the USA and I knew it wouldn’t arrive in time. I was steamed though that the measuring cups, shipped November 8, hadn’t arrived.

Yesterday they finally showed up. I’m not even sure exactly when – they were at my door after dinner; my neighbour must have taken the delivery.

So now I have a couple of dilemmas.

First is, do I now do some more baking, even though I’ve pretty much had my fill of Christmas goodies? Not only did I do the sweet stuff, I made baked oatmeal on Sunday – it is a New Year’s tradition for our family. That didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted (measuring issues I think) though it tasted great. I ate most of that myself though, and after six straight mornings I have no desire for more. I’ve waited so long for these cups I feel I should be doing something with them – but off hand there is nothing I need to make.IMG_20180104_1934488

Perhaps more importantly, what do I do about an online review? It seems to be the expectation these days, though I usually forget to post anything. The cups and accompanying measuring spoons meet my expectations. But they took forever to get here (57 days by my count). Is that relevant information?

Is the vendor responsible for the slow delivery? There are two dates on the shipping label. November 8 and December 31. I wonder if this was a replacement, rushed to me when I complained for the second time about the non-delivery.

I’m glad to finally have measuring cups, even if I may not use them in any cooking this weekend. I’m inclined to just not post a review of any sort, positive or negative. You really can’t say much about measuring cups anyway.

What would you do?


  1. First world problems.

    But yes, post a terse review for the purpose of noting the delivery delay. The info might help someone else.

    1. I live in the first world, so naturally I have first world problems. Mentioning the delivery delay is not a bad idea – though my “need” was more a want. The price was right. I could have paid ten times the price, and I’m sure the package would have arrived sooner.

  2. I often do follow recipes, especially when baking. Rice at least I could just use a coffee mug, but baking cookies or a cake is a wholly different matter. On the other hand, if I am making a soup I usually just wing it.

  3. I use measuring cups all the time when cooking meals. Rice requires accurate measurements. I follow recipes. Maybe you don’t.

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