The Mini Golf Course

Real estate agents have a mantra: “Location! Location! Location!” When choosing where to live it is always important to consider the local amenities. How close is your prospective home to churches, schools, shopping, transit, recreation and a myriad of other options? Each of us shuffles the list into different priorities.IMG_1185

I never considered putting the presence of a miniature golf course anywhere near the top of my list, but I must confess I was excited to discover one on my first day in Sulzburg. I was even more excited to discover it is free. All you have to do is bring your own putter and balls.

The course is not in the greatest of shape, some of the obstacles have seen better days, but that isn’t a real deterrence, just a challenge. It is German, which means it has metal edging, something I have never seen in North America. That greatly affects how your ball bounces. German courses I have seen (admittedly a small sample) also don’t have Astroturf or similar carpeting covering the playing surface. I think this one is slate, but I haven’t really looked closely. It’s covered IMG_1186with fallen leaves at this time of year, which can actually be an advantage – they slow the ball down. I’m sure I will eventually get used to the slicker surface, but at this point I usually hit the ball too hard. The leaves help keep it in play.

The first time I played I was really impressed with my final score. I had thought I was playing poorly, but the total number didn’t show that. It was then I realized one of the course’s peculiarities: there are only 15 holes. Not enough room for more in the space allotted I guess. Turns out I hadn’t played as well as it first appeared when I looked shots per hole instead of the total.

I’ve only had the time for a couple of rounds, and I haven’t seen anyone else on the course. I don’t know if that is the time of year, or whether Sulzburgers don’t play the sport. Maybe in the summer the course gets crowded.IMG_1187

I’m told there really isn’t much snow here, which makes me think I could be playing year-round. Especially since the course is only a two-minute walk from my home, maybe less.

Location is everything.


  1. I never considered putting the presence of a miniature golf course…

    Pun intended?

    1. I’ll never tell!

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